Attracting High Net-Worth Donors & Ideal Staff: 6 Reasons Why Your Charity, Nonprofit or NGO MUST Connect To Its Purpose

Is your charity, nonprofit organization or social enterprise creating sustainable growth?

Whether your mission-driven organization is cleaning plastics from the oceans, helping impoverished children or domestic abuse survivors, it’s no secret that your leaders, staff and donors need to be a well-oiled machine for real impact.

But why do some organizations make giant strides annually, while others struggle to meet their development goals year after year?

The answer is found within your purpose.

Why Purpose Is Key To Bigger Donations, Energized Staff And Skilled Operations

While your leaders, staff, volunteers and donors know your purpose intellectually, organizations that fully connect with the heart of their purpose radically grow to new heights.

Here’s why:

It helps you attract perfectly-aligned high-net worth donors.

Mega-philanthropy is on the rise, and high net-worth donors are actively searching for charities, social organizations and nonprofits that align with their beliefs and values. Just last year, Jeff Bezos asked his followers on Twitter which organizations deserve massive contributions! Imagine if YOUR charity, nonprofit or NGO was mentioned– and he felt perfectly-aligned with your purpose? Your development goals for the next 3 years could’ve been achieved in just 1 with his help. How much deeper would your impact be with that kind of financial support?

However, affluent donors don’t want to give for the sake of giving– they derive a deeper sense of meaning and purpose when they see their contributions impacting the people, animals and environmental issues they care about.

When every person involved with your organization is connected to the heart of its purpose and combines it with their own personal purpose, their intent naturally aligns with people and situations that attract ideal high net-worth donors.

Plus, you can leverage what you’re already doing to attract ideal high net-worth donors too. If you’re already fundraising successfully, there’s no reason why your team can’t level-up and land 6 or 7-figure donations. With the right system and guidance, they can hone their skills to find, attract and retain major donors who believe in your cause.

Find out more about that here with my Ideal High Net-Worth Donor Training where I show you the exact steps to attract perfectly-aligned high net-worth donors.

Your purpose propels you forward when obstacles seem insurmountable.

Charities, NGOs and nonprofits that fully connect with their purpose remain laser-focused on mission success– even when the work gets tough. Your purpose ignites and sustains the passion for the mission.

On the days where your fundraising efforts fall short, progress stalls and creating change feels hopeless, your purpose serves as your “North Star.” It fuels your drive to keep going despite the obstacles in your way. Imagine how much MORE your organization could achieve if everyone had a deep-rooted purpose to propel them forward?

It simplifies decision-making.

Connecting to your purpose sets important boundaries, enabling mission-driven organizations to delegate both responsibility and authority.
Like a compass to an explorer, a map to a tourist or a blueprint to an architect, it provides a clear framework to achieve your strategic objectives without getting lost in the weeds. It shapes the boundaries and guardrails to stay on path to mission success without deviation.
You attract staff who are an ideal fit for your organization.

When creating change is your main purpose for existing, it’s crucial to have passionate, energized team members who believe in your work. Even one fundraiser can become costly for charities, NGOs and nonprofit organizations if they’re not fully connected to the heart of your purpose.

Team members are more likely to quit when the going gets tough, less likely to make quality donor relationships or build the necessary skills to pursue major donations.

However, if you clarify your purpose and help your staff connect to it fully, it will inform your hiring and onboarding process so staff are a perfect fit– creating a structure that’s perfectly aligned to grow, develop and reach maximum impact.

It welcomes helpful change when needed.

People on every organizational level can be resistant to change when progress stalls. Change is scary. It can make us feel insecure, overwhelmed and out-of-control.

However, if your team members are connected to the heart of your purpose, they’re more likely to recognize the value of the change and how it helps you accomplish your mission. It also creates a culture that welcomes change in the future when needed.

It shapes your strategic objectives.

Every charity, NGO or nonprofit has strategic objectives, but they’re not created in a vacuum. Instead of following what other organizations have done to grow, develop and raise funds, your connection to purpose will help you create the most effective strategies for your specific mission.

As someone who founded my own charity, Giving Africa and as a trainer, speaker and coach to global charities, NGOs and nonprofits, I’ve seen firsthand how powerful it is when an organization connects to the heart of their purpose.

Staff are invigorated with passion. Fundraisers overcome rejection. Progress ramps up with bigger donations. People become their best and feel a greater sense of significance and meaning in their work.

But most importantly, the change you’re trying to create HAPPENS. And it becomes deeper than you’ve ever imagined.

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