Craig offers something very different – he brings aspects of NLP, coaching and mentoring but the real difference is the focus on purpose – what are we here for and what legacy do we want to leave behind? Andy Hawkes CEO

Over the past 20 years we have been fortunate to have worked with many world class teams.

Their strength has built with their understanding of their intention and a deep belief in their reason to succeed.

For a team to live their purpose through thick and thin is omnipotent.

Belief in the extraordinary!

Teams who hold a deep friendship and care passionately for each others’ welfare, create a rich life together. This is about teams seeing each other deeply and understanding each others fears, struggles and great strengths.

We work with your team first to explore themselves as individuals, for everyone to gain clarity as to their own unique talents. We then build on this to create a deep trust within the team, to be able to grow a unique team purpose.

Client case study:

Cardinus Risk Management is a specialist global provider of online, virtual and onsite health, safety, ergonomic, fire, fleet and security solutions. The sales and marketing team have had a variety of training ranging from traditional sales to trusted advisor workshops. As we came out of Covid with the accelerated move to hybrid working – both the team, prospects and clients – there was evidence of a shift in the way we needed to engage and to re- set our own approach to work and life.

We needed something different, and after listening and discussing Craig’s “living on purpose” thinking and approach it was evident that this would give our team a new perspective. We didn’t just want another sales course; we wanted our team to understand themselves more and how they engaged, how they considered others and what their purpose is – in and out of work.

Our initial day with Craig opened up minds, some of which were more sceptical than others! The team spent time on them as well as looking at the way they judged and built empathy and rapport with others – all tools to help in business and personal life. Above all, they started to learn to love themselves for who they are!

Reflections from the team have included “ I now consider the clients perspective more than ever”, “I am too quick to judge and need to re – assess that trait”, “I need to spend more time on things that matter” and “ I need to work with my colleagues more – they are allies and I can learn from them – don’t be a silo”.

The next stage of the journey is to work on a more individual level to mentor and coach on personal challenges and opportunities and we will then come together later in the year to extend the collaborative journey.

Andy Hawkes, CEO Cardinus Risk

A shared vision

The team buys into a shared vision with passion and respect for each other

Clarity of purpose

The team has a joint clarity of purpose and a drive to grow for the greater good and deliver excellent service to others

Eradication of doubt

The team are confident in their own abilities and can trust each other to support them. Doubt and fear are eradicated to pave way for success and growth

Belief and values

The team believe in each other and are aware of each others core beliefs and values. With this awareness they respect each other more and create a shared never say die attitude

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Leave A Lasting Footprint

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