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The 5 elements of personal wealth

Emotional wealth

Emotional wealth is knowing you’re enough and having the wisdom to know that every emotion is here to serve us. 

What separates emotionally wealthy people is the ability to lead a healthy life with a positive outlook. In addition, a core characteristic of emotionally wealthy people is resilience – better able to cope with the challenges and difficulties life throws at them. 

A lack of judgement and a gratitude and respect for the whole planet gives us the foundation for emotional strength and Wealth Emotional wealth is often essential for achieving other types of wealth.

Financial wealth

The most obvious type of wealth, financial wealth, refers to money, assets, investments, and similar goods. 

Financial wealth comes from an abundant mindset, deep self worth and a confidence and expectation of abundance financially. 

To be financially wealthy we must understand the power of varying investments and compounding interest.

Physical wealth

Physical wealth begins when we honour our body; nurturing it as the most important asset in our lives and connecting to nature around us. This then allows us to educate ourselves to be well and strong and feed our bodies with the best fuel and exercise.. 

A daily practice of exercise, movement and preparation of the right foods, vitamins and minerals is key to physical wealth.

Spiritual wealth

Spiritual wealth refers to having in abundance something larger than yourself. 

In the traditional sense, spiritual wealth gives meaning to higher powers. Being spiritually wealthy is the practice of authentic gratefulness. 

The key to our spiritual wealth is a daily pratice and awareness.

Social wealth

Social wealth is having a deep intention for all we share our lives with. 

Creating a platform to serve the world is core to improving our social wealth. 

It is about believing in community and taking deliberate action to serve everyone we can on a daily basis.


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