Living on Purpose

I wasn’t sure what to expect or get out of the workshop, but came away full of passion, joy and excitement about what I can achieve and what I am capable of…  Tanis Brookes
I had the best day. It was equal parts uplifting, inspiring. energising and science based. It really made me think about the actions I take and how they fuel me and my purpose. I will definitely no longer ‘just do’ but will really think about the things I’m doing on a daily basis…  Erika Moralez-Perez

Living on Purpose Workshop

You only have one life. Therefore it must be EXTRAORDINARY.

We’re thrilled to invite you to an exclusive all day workshop with extraordinary people in an extraordinary place for an extraordinary experience:

  • Unlock your true intention and purpose.
  • Gain clarity and courage to live your dreams.
  • Boost your confidence and live a life full of purpose.
  • Learn how to integrate mindfulness, movement, and meditation into your daily routine.

It is for those looking for new energy, boosted confidence, a second career or simply wanting to have the time to reflect on what is most important in their lives.

BOOK HERE for May 20th 2024 workshop at the incredible Ramster Hall and Gardens near Chiddingfold.

Inspirational Workshop

With an intimate 12-16 in the room, we will explore what is Intention and Purpose and how to understand how to find yours. 

This will help you to; find more clarity in your life, become more courageous to live your dreams, have more confidence and to live a life full of purpose.

Delicious Refreshments

A selection of home made and organic refreshments to keep you going through the day. 


During the day we will encourage you to stretch your legs in the beautiful gardens as well as join in some gentle stretches and movement.  This is a day for you to take a breath and recuperate as well as deep exploration.

Visualisation and Meditation

Meditations and guided visualisations will bring us to a powerful space to start and finish our day. This is a great way to have real clarity of thought to support your growth.