“A Goal Getter That’s Applying Rugby Skills to the Business World

Martin Gallagher is an expert in converting strategy into success based on relationships, innovation, and personal connections. He is currently the CEO of The Clare Foundation, a charity focused on helping other charities access interest-free loans. His love for rugby has helped him leverage the ability to consciously use the ego for setting goals and achieving them.

My Key Takeaways

Martin grew up in Ulster, Northern Ireland, during a time of massive conflict. From there he travelled to Africa for what was supposed to be weeks and turned into 15 years. Spending most of his time in areas of conflict and violence where danger continued to be a part of his everyday life. In his words he jumped from the frying pan into the fire.

When Martin was 19 he found his love for rugby, which is his first recollection of being consciously aware of the man his previous years in adversity had shaped him to become. It was then, on the rugby field that he learned the dissemination of ego, at critical times, is essential. When your head is in the game, there’s no time or value in thinking about anything other than what needs to be done and the best way in which to achieve it. Whether on the pitch, in a crucial meeting or a battlefield, clarity for the immediate, using every attribute and skill you have, whilst holding a definite space for how this supports the future, this is Martin’s forte.

The essence of the man, Martin, is in every fibre of his body and that I cannot express only with writing!

A nugget he shared with me ‘there are 86,400 seconds in a day, use them wisely!’ If it takes 20 seconds to make a mistake, don’t make the remaining 86,380 pay for it!

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