An education trailblazer restructuring opportunities for future young leaders

Simon Andrews gained his entrepreneur motivation in 1999 when he recognized the unsolved challenge facing graduates that were trying to find employment opportunities. Andrews and his friend Chris Morling worked together to create a portal that enabled these individuals to achieve self-growth through employment or furthering their education.

My Key Takeaways

My time with Simon flitted between what we need to do for ourselves, what we need to do for the success of our work and the synergy between the two.

If we think about what nature means, we might go to balance, the ecosystem, how we support it and of course how we can jeopardise it. How powerful would it be to mirror that onto the nature of ourselves – what’s our balance, ecosystem and how do we support it? There is I’m sure many similarities.

Simon spoke with much clarity about nurturing his own internal environment, that in turn supports him to nurture his outside environment, by purposefully putting himself in challenging environments. I’ve reached the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro which was a massive achievement but this guy takes it to another level. He spoke about the impact this has on his charity, business and personal life and the value of the discomfort.

Discomfort has often been vital for people who’ve achieved great things, even though their language, in past tense, will refer to the positive within it. The mindset of ‘hello fear and discomfort, thank you for letting me know I’m onto something!”, this is powerful.

Simon feels that failure is a valuable cog in the wheel of success. Without it, success just doesn’t taste the same and may not reach the level of the impact we first set out to create. Maybe, in essence, failure should be included in our business plan, wouldn’t that be novel!

Metaphorically climbing a mountain, the summit is always there but the path to get there and the obstacles and straight runs will change. That doesn’t make reaching the summit unattainable but instead different, it’s still just as doable.

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