Determination and clarity personified, a leader living with the highest of standards

Yolan Friedmann is currently the CEO of the Endangered Wildlife Trust, she has an academic background in Veterinary Nursing, a BA in English and Communications, an MSc in Environmental Studies (WITS) and an MDP from the Gordon Institute for Business Science (University of Pretoria). She was the first female recipient of the SAB Nick Steele Environmentalist of the Year award, which she won in 2011. She was also the winner of the CEO Most Influential Woman in Business and Environment award in 2012 in the Environmental category; the recipient of the 2012 Green Globe award.
A key focus of Yolan’s career has been leadership development and strategy facilitation, Yolan was invited to participate in the Crans Montana Forum in 2015 and was selected as a GreenMatter Senior Fellow in 2014.

My Key takeaways

Something Yolan and I discussed much in different ways throughout our time together was leadership – the definition of a leader, through to what a leader demonstrates. I feel that Yolan is qualified to speak with the clarity she does and I believe that you would agree with that statement if you too were to listen to this great interview.

Her whole career has revolved around passion, purpose and impact. She knew from a young age that this would need to be the case In order for her to feel satisfied. Yolan shares some great wisdom around having an open and flexible direction and how this pays off. There are many different causes we can feel compelled to create real impact within but the way in which we can impact is vast. This is where Yolan feels we need the greatest flexibility.

Whilst joining or building a team for a not for profit, we must always keep in mind that this is the most vital part of the process for success; the right team of people is paramount as we grow something that inspires us – alongside the initial cause, it’s these people that will give us the inspiration to carry on when it all appears to be too much to handle and these times will arise!

I could talk much about the individual that Yolan is from successfully competing in 15 double marathons through to ‘leading’ many charity focused causes but ultimately taking the time to listen to this truly valuable interview will teach you massively as it did me!

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