“Find Your Purpose Through Helping and Inspiring Others” – Marc Lubner

Marc Lubner is leaving a legacy for vulnerable children in South Africa through his organizations Afrika Tikkun and SMILE foundation. The organization starts working with children at a very young age to develop them into empowered citizens that chase their career passions. Lubner also worked with Nelson Mandela to found South Africa’s chapter of the SMILE foundation – a charity that provides surgerys for children born with facial deformities. When approached by his father to take over as CEO for Afrika Tikkun, he found a way to operate the two missions side by side.

My key takeaways

I first met Marc just over a year ago and through our first conversation, we discovered that our grandfathers had worked very closely together. This common ground between us created an emotional connection and a strong interest in supporting each other going forward. The reason I mention this is because I wholeheartedly believe, as Marc does, that it is imperative to put building your relationships before your cause, as these will be the success of the impact you will create. This may seem like an obvious point but when we’re trying to get the support of a high Net-worth donor or communicate with the source of a cause, its so easy to get wrapped up in the vision, that we forget what a deal breaker a personal experience and relationship is.

Marcs charity focused achievements have been developed in this way. He has had some great teachers, his grandfather, his dad, and a close working and personal relationship with Nelson Mandela. He said that whether you were to spend 2 minutes or 2 hours, Mandela would connect to you, you were his only focus at that time.

Something else Mandela taught him was to dream about what things would be like if the problem didn’t exist and to become very familiar with this, then to work backwards. I loved this idea as it creates a solution focus in the most powerful place we need it – our hearts!

There is much practical and passion driven tools to advice through my time with Marc. He has supported change for tens of thousands of people, not to mention the families and communities that too have benefited. He talks about ego, being kind, responsibility, purpose and humility with much clarity. I invite you to enjoy this humbling interview as much as I did.

Connect with Marc
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