Strength in community and fighting inequality

A Ghanaian who has spent his life in the thick of it with no rose-tinted glasses. Francis’s strength is having African blood, surrounded by a culture of community coupled with adversity and inequality. Whilst working in West Africa myself, to bring the opportunity of education to communities. Such a big part of my learning was in fact to give what is necessary and asked for, rather than what I thought was needed and this was a steeper learning curve than I could have anticipated.

Francis echoes what took me some time to learn due to my culture, put so simply with a reflection of the love and positivity so readily available in West Africa. He has much clarity as to what this piece is. This is a must-watch for anyone who has a passion to work in this part of the world.

Francis has a clear vision, with an admirable lack of ego. Knowing that ultimately it’s the people who he is supporting that will make his cause a success. That’s a key learning for me!

This is a fresh and basic interview in all the right ways, speaking of foundations and simplicity as to what is needed. Francis doesn’t talk of red tape, time management or how to recruit the right team around him. Although all of that which I’ve mentioned is important, I guess this is simply about purpose, humility and compassion.

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