“Why Relationships Are Everything” – Grame Codrington

Self-Development and Mission-Driven Motivational Speaker and Author.

Grame Codrington is a renowned motivational speaker and expert on the future of work. He describes how it’s a real gift when something you love to do and are good at can be the way you support yourself and inspire others. A true visionary, Codrington describes how he approaches creativity by exhausting all options and helping people unlearn what is not working to foster positive changes in their lives. He goes on to explain how setting intentions to be the listener and changemakers opens our eyes to creating opportunities for powerful change.

My Key Takeaways

Relationships are everything. My interview with Graeme highlighted this in many ways.

Graeme Codrington is a wonderful speaker with great knowledge of future trends that are shaping the way we live and work. Namely, demographics, economics and politics. He values and believes his education supports him immensely from the perspective of knowledge and passion for the world. Codrington’s greatest tools and learnings are the ones he’s made consciously within himself. Without these tools, the rest is rendered at best ineffective and at worst useless.

Our interview takes a strong look at our accountability for what’s going on in the world and our responsibility as to how we can make an impact that starts with ourselves, which then leads us to looking at the world through a macro lens. Our biggest challenge isn’t climate change or poverty, its selfishness and poor thinking. The two are entwined and inadvertently impact each other. Taking the time to learn about the world through others eyes in turn challenges our beliefs, which either adds credence to the ones we have or creates the opportunity for powerful change. This resonated with me massively!

Another valuable piece discussed was how we can do this ourselves. Then, we move on to our immediate circle of teams and colleagues with how we build or place ourselves effectively within these circles having very clear rules that will work. These rules are what we know as our culture. It was refreshing to hear that this involved nothing that isn’t available to each and every one of us. There’s no money needed to make these changes, rather adjusting the lens in which we see the world, with flexibility and compassion.