“Why Trust Is The Bedrock Of Great Business” – Chris Morling

Serial Digital Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Chris Morling has proven expertise in scaling websites through exceptional content and user experience. Joining forces with goal-getter education expert, Simon Andrews, the pair launched studee.com to simplify the study abroad application and enrollment process. His definition of success is creating business cultures that foster happy employees, are empowered towards greatness, and make an impact in the lives of others.

My Key Takeaways

I enjoyed this interview so much with Chris! He has a rare gift of having a creative mind and analytical mind. This is one of the many reasons he is super successful.

The biggest learning from this interview is to start a business with a deep trust in yourself and all you choose to employ. Chris shared that the success of his business is founded on a huge belief that in an open environment where you are not judged or blamed, trust and loyalty become the bedrock of greatness.

Chris is an inspiration to me and a great friend and I wish to thank him for all his support.

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