Craig has worked with 100s of organizations.
Here are just some:

Philanthropists & Entrepreneurs:

Now is the Moment to Build A Lasting Legacy

Craig works with leading philanthropists to clarify their true purpose, align them with the right resources and maximize their potential so they transform their life’s work into a permanent global movement.

Charities. NGOs & Nonprofits:

Create Deeper Impact For Your Cause And Achieve Mission Success

Craig works with non profit organizations to get bigger results, better outcomes and faster development.  His experience in working with high net-worth donors, top tier talent and passionate volunteers can transform your work permanently.

Hear What Clients Are Saying About Craig:

Craig has given 700+ inspirational speeches worldwide.

He’s helped over 100,000 people magnify their impact and shape the world.

Give your audience more than inspiration.

Electric, effective and entertaining, Craig’s unique perspective delivers a striking balance of motivation, insights and strategies that audience members can immediately apply for BIGGER contributions, deeper purpose and massive impact.

Whether you’re trying to inspire a room of CEOs or a stadium of fundraisers, Craig’s powerful message will unleash their ability to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Real Conversations For Personal Mastery & Positive Change

The Podcast To Magnify Your Impact

How do you find your true purpose, fulfill your potential and build a meaningful legacy? Join Craig as he answers these questions and interviews experts who are leveraging their brands for positive change on the planet.