The 7 Success Secrets Of Legacy-Leavers

Our planet’s greatest people leave a lasting legacy behind. They’ve done it by  discovering a set of guiding principles most others don’t— making their name known for all time.

If you’re driven to become one of these people, you can turn your life into a guidestone that inspires generations as well.

As a coach, trainer and speaker to CEOs, leaders and billionaires, I’ve spent a lot of time helping them create a roadmap to their legacy, so their footprint is forever set in stone. 

Here are 7 Legacy Success Secrets I’ve used with my clients so you’ll persevere with your legacy where others fail:

Legacy Success Secret #1. Be single-minded in purpose

Legacy-leavers are successful because they’re uber-focused on one specific objective. All of their energy, effort and time is dedicated to completing a clearly defined purpose— a greater purpose that defined their meaning in life.

For example:

  • Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook so the world would be more open and connected
  • Henry Ford focused on making the automobile accessible to everyone— not just the 1%
  • Bill Gates was determined to put a PC inside every American home so everyone had access to the same information

When we examine the goals of these Legacy-leavers, they seem huge and lofty but they all have one thing in common: they can be defined in one, simple sentence. 

How do you define yours? 

If you’re not sure what your purpose is, my Impact Coaching is specifically designed to help you clarify it AND gives you a blueprint to bring your legacy to life. Find out more about Impact Coaching here.

Secret #2: Simplify your plan

Legacy-leavers don’t have complicated, highly-detailed plans. They focus on one simple framework so future generations can take the baton and run with it.

A great example to follow is Southwest Airlines’s founder, Herb Kelleher. He was determined to create a low-cost air-transport system so people of all socio-economic backgrounds can travel economically.

His plan didn’t use complicated numbers or elaborate technology to disrupt the airline industry. However, his legacy will forever shape the way people fly— and travel the world in the future. 

Secret #3: Be transparent in purpose.

Transparency isn’t about opening your entire life to the public. For Legacy-leavers, transparency is about being clear and proactive in their goals.

Vague goals and an unclear purpose can muddy the waters and stop momentum. Once you’ve defined your true purpose and connected to it, it’s vital to be proactively transparent in trying to achieve it. 

Legacy-leavers know that showing up, being present and crystal clear is important to motivating the people around them, and helping others to see the future they’re shaping.

Secret #4: Remove non-negotiables.

Legacy-leavers don’t build their legacies from their wants; they decide what’s non-negotiable and follow those guidelines exactly. 

Non-negotiables include:

  • Ineffective people or those who don’t share the same vision
  • Mediocre or superfluous results
  • Social pressures—they’re willing to do the necessary inner-work to build a sustaining global movement.

Legacy-leavers are constantly optimizing their lives for deeper impact. They are asking themselves on a daily basis, What am I doing today to leave this world better than how I found it? Then, they cut out everything that doesn’t serve their purpose.

Secret #5: Delegate the small stuff

Unfortunately, Legacy-leavers can’t change the world on their own. 

They don’t just occasionally lean on other people; they rely on them to make it through each day. From executive assistants to coaches to directors, Legacy-leavers cultivate important relationships so they can rely on them when they’re needed most.

With my clients, I connect them with charities, NGOs and nonprofit organizations who share their vision and help them cultivate a relationship that’ll achieve mission success. Working together, they build their legacy much faster than they would on their own.

Secret #6: Find your dedicated inner-circle

Legacy-leavers don’t just delegate— they also create a strong inner-circle of people they rely on, like coaches, leaders and teams. They recognize key people and ensure they have the tools to succeed.

For example, Warren Buffett has created one of the greatest fortunes ever, but it happened AFTER he learned how to develop great leaders. Then, he invited the best into his inner-circle. He has now pledged half of his massive wealth to philanthropy with the help of those people. 

Plus, the important people in a Legacy-leavers life, from founding partners to assistants are always supported and cared for, keeping their best people involved in their legacy for decades. 

Secret #7: Be intentional in everything you do.

From routine to habits, Legacy-leavers are intentional in their actions. 

Many believe that unnecessary consumption equals intentional waste. These legendary Legacy-leavers are also intentional with their consumption of resources, including information. You won’t see them wasting any time on social media— unless it directly impacts their vision.

If information isn’t moving you towards your legacy, it’s dragging you down. Let go of any information that isn’t 100% needed and helpful.

No one said building a legacy is easy, but if you’re driven to make a world-changing contribution to humanity, you can follow a specific blueprint to build it. 

I’ve begun creating mine with my charity, Giving Africa, and I’ve helped global leaders create and build theirs— even if their vision wasn’t clear.

If you want to look back on your life knowing you’ve created something that’ll live forever, let’s get started now with one-on-one Impact Coaching.

We don’t have much time to change the world. Use your time wisely and use these principles to start building yours.

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