A true empathetic leader of both head and heart

Carole has a broad knowledge of growing business through face to face development and sales knowledge. She’s a risk-taker and entrepreneur, who loves coming up with new ideas, implementing them and then watching them develop (through hard work!)

Carole specialises in Idea implementation – growing the business from an idea to a full-blown concern. Understanding people, what their needs are and then finding something they want!

My Key Takeaways

A philanthropic mindset is something that I see a lot of and is, of course, a great support for the change we want to create. However what I see in Carole is quite different to that. Holding two major focuses, one being entrepreneurship and the other charity, with these being of equal importance to her. As the purpose of these interviews are to help us all to magnify our impact, with a different slant on the psychology this is one to watch.

Asking Carole what her main driver is, with no hesitation she was able to tell me it was a feeling of injustice. The injustice of individuals and communities living in and with ways that aren’t necessary. Such a simple definition but this struck me. As a community of individuals that want to see change in the world, which is what I believe we are, the change that is not impossible and is absolutely right. Carole really got me thinking about injustice and where that sits with me.

A great take away for me from talking to Carole was the advice to question myself regularly. To measure how much of me is coming from a place of privilege and how much of me is in touch with the reality of the situation. Carol always checks these two simple points and believes it’s vital for her to do that.

Watching others offers the potential for us to learn so much about ourselves. Let’s continue to do this and grow.

Connect with Carole:

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/carole-day-2a49798/