A courageous leader who combines a never say die attitude with heaps of compassion

Started the Infusion100 movement 5 years ago as part of a fusion project to give back to communities around the world.

Since its inception, Infusion100 has built 5 schools and 1 house. The 5 schools are in: Malawi (2), Senegal, Haiti, Nicaragua and the house build is in Mexico.

Over the 5 years over 8000 children have been educated as a result. To raise the funds every year 100km is walked in different countries and so far

1300km has been walked in UK, Canada, China, USA, Hong Kong and Mexico. Linoy has walked across the North Island of New Zealand over 600KM for charity in 1.5 months.

A mother to a 24-year-old and currently works at HSBC as the GBM MENAT CIO.

My Key Takeaways

My time with Linoy started off with us talking about her successfully getting 33 individuals to walk 100 kilometres, each raising £1000. This was the exact amount needed to build the first school, of which Linoy has built a further 5 more. The piece that struck me with Linoy’s story, is that the people, her included did so with their own hands. You will see for yourself, that this is what really made the difference for what she was going to create next. What I’m talking about is an emotional investment, specifically a first hand one. I know this isn’t always possible to get so practically involved but in some way, it seems that when we connect a vision to our very own selves, the potential for impact is magnified. Having the team you’re working with personally invested too can only compound this.

Speaking to Linoy about her path and what she believes led her there has a real positive story. Looking back she can see that her story helped her create a vision. That coupled with having the tools and the right people around her is what made it all possible.

This is a great interview with much clarity from Linoy. Using her very own personal story, in detail, which showcases how our human, our skill and a heavy dose of perseverance can create truly impactful things.

Connect with Linoy

Website: https://infusion100.org/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/infusion100/