Strength personified, a great athlete, charity CEO, entrepreneur and philanthropist. How to really deliver on your vision

Nathan is Founder and CEO of Ultimate Performance, previous founder and CEO of Inspire, Nathan is president of Malta’s largest non-profit organisation the Inspire Foundation, as well as the chair of the Voluntary Organisations Council, and a trustee of Children in Need and supports a wide range of other philanthropic initiatives through his endurance challenges. Nathan co-owns Hellfire Events, the country’s toughest endurance race series, He is a lecturer at the University of Malta, the Malta Institute of Management and guest speaker at many educational conferences.

Nathan graduated as a physiotherapist from the University of Malta and read an MBA from Strathclyde Graduate School of Business. He has won numerous awards both including Malta Social Entrepreneur of the Year, JCI Humanitarian Leadership, Malta Sports Award, and is a top 10% worldwide age group Ironman Athlete.

My Key Takeaways

Nathan has pushed himself both physically and mentally for much of his life and in this interview shares his strategies for his success with much clarity. The more I do these interviews, as obvious a point as this may sound, it becomes not just a belief but a fact that our successes are all to do with the mind and heart, not our skills. Our skills are what we gain in order to support this but they are not the driver and the level at which Nathan has succeeded and how he got there definitely highlights this point, although I’d like to add, he clearly has huge skill!

When I ask him what it is he does or tells himself in order to keep going when things are at there toughest, he tells me how his strategies have evolved over time; as he has evolved, so have his strategies. This piece to me was very powerful as it highlights the need for flexibility and self-awareness – if Nathan had have continued without evolving how he does things, perhaps he wouldn’t have been so successful. I can definitely relate to this and the way in which I run my deeper structure internally, this has changed hugely.

Nathan, throughout our time together talks in intrinsic detail about strategies, how they change, why they change, how that supports us and the awareness of ourselves which we need so as to be as effective as possible.

There’s lots of detail within this great interview that organically took the direction of our internal world, rather than our external world. Much food for thought!

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