World Renowned Family Advisor and Socially Focused Entrepreneur

World Renowned Family Advisor and Socially Focused Entrepreneur

Reg Athwal is the founder of RTS Global Partners, the leading family business advisory platform for Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Their aim is to provide solutions so that family-owned businesses are setting goals towards scaling and leaving a legacy. Additionally, Athwal is a well sought out motivational speaker, author, and angel investor. 

My Key Takeaways

I believe, one of Regs greatest talents is how he leads with both his head and heart in balance. He has that innate ability to recognise his spiritual and cognitive intelligence. Spending time with him can only grow your sensory awareness and your emotional strength. 

Reg remembers a pivotal moment in his life that catapulted him into the journey he is still on and will remain on for the rest of his life. 

At that time there was a vibration, a feeling within him that he won’t forget. That vibration, as he calls it, has been his check-in since, as to whether something is right or wrong for him to furthermore invest his time and emotion. We may not all have a pivotal moment that we can bring to mind but most of us can relate to this vibration, I guess we may refer to it as our intuition. Going on what Reg says, we should pay more attention to that and trust it much more than we do.

Moments in our lives, whether we remember them or not, are definitely pivotal. Through our perception of an experience, we then choose to go left or right. Some of this will be genetic influence, some our subjective experience and of course our living influences but either way they shape our destiny, that to me says there are many pivotal moments! Knowing these exist will affect our degree of impact. We should pay close attention to how we are going to choose to use them to create our success, with a clear vision of what that is to us.

Reg’s view of success is valuable, being aware that our view of our ideals of success will evolve throughout our life – when in his 20’s, for Reg it was material whilst in his 40’s, it’s been about contribution and connection. 

My main take from my time with Reg was clarity of my purpose-driven intention, with the flexibility for my vehicle to change. The vehicle isn’t the piece that gives what we’re doing legs, it’s something deeper than that!

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