Socially-Conscious Thought Leader Leaving a Legacy in Education Methodology

Melissa Carter, a multiple intelligence trailblazer, has dedicated her career to aligning emotional development with education in children and teenagers. Carter combines therapeutic and educational approaches to provide workshops and coaching inspiring people like parents, individuals, and practitioners working with children to help them with personal development. She’s a published author, school advisor, and conference speaker. Carter places compassion and emotional wellbeing at the heart of every lesson.

-My Key Takeaways-

Melissa to me is one of the world’s trailblazers when it comes to multiple intelligence delivery to children and the world of education. Her unique gift of connecting to the emotional and cognitive development of children is profound.

There is a massive need for us as parents and for the world of education to remember and foster the following: Even children have an enormous array of multiple intelligences, not just an academic one! Compassion and a thirst for emotional wellbeing needs to be at the heart of every lesson and teaching.

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